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Oracle CRM On Demand Release 20 Product Highlights

Posted by Stephen Frizzola

Oct 12, 2011 5:00:33 AM

The ink still isnt dry on Release 19, and many customers are still on R18, but recent information has emerged on Release 20. Below are some of my favorite new product highlights for Oracle CRM On Demand Release 20.

Territory/ Books –three ownership modes: user only, book only, or user or book. With this model, you can create records without any user ownership or, alternatively, choose to enforce an owner or a primary custom book.

Shared Addresses – option to implement address sharing between multiple contacts and accounts

Activity Administration -administrator has ability to delete (including batch delete) all activities including private activities of others

Auditing – audit trail on roles and access profiles

Migration Tool – ability to migrate the following configuration between instances

  • Analytics reports
  • Cascading picklist imports
  • Homepage layout imports
  • Page layout sections
  • Related information layouts
  • Web applets
  • Workflow rules and actions

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