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Tom has more than 20 years of Information Technology experience, primarily in the areas of Operations Management, Large-Scale Custom and Package Software Implementations, Systems Integration and Strategic Planning. In 2001, Tom founded BizTech, a regional information technology services firm headquartered in King of Prussia, PA and focusing on applied technology solutions for mid-market companies. As CEO of BizTech, Tom’s primary responsibilities include Strategic Planning, New Business Development, Practice Development and Project Management. Tom is also the executive sponsor for BizTech’s Business Intelligence Practice. Tom’s professional philosophy is to maintain a hands-on approach to managing and delivering IT solutions. He has built his career on an ability to recognize and apply innovative technology solutions to meet the challenging needs of the business community.
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BizTech Acquires EDS Group - Two Companies Joined by Unified Vision

Author: Tom Connolly Date: Jun 28, 2013 1:15:00 PM

Categories: Hyperion EPM

Recently, Business Technology Services (BizTech) acquired EDS Group. Officially announced on June 13th, the acquisition continues to create a cohesive meld of corporate ethos, enthusiasm, and expertise.

EDS Group provided Hyperion, Oracle Essbase, and data management services to Fortune 500 companies. The recent acquisition has enabled BizTech to strengthen its broad portfolio of Oracle services.

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What’s old is new again: Leveraging Legacy Apps

Author: Tom Connolly Date: May 4, 2011 12:50:54 PM

Categories: Oracle Business Intelligence

The following is an excerpt from a live broadcast on DM Radio,

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The Evolution of BI

Author: Tom Connolly Date: Apr 1, 2011 5:55:39 PM

Categories: Oracle Business Intelligence

It’s 11:45 PM on a Friday night. Hopefully, you know where your kids are but, do you know where your delivery shipments are? Do you have enough inventory on hand to meet your promise dates? Regardless of the industry, all enterprises need access to timely and accurate information to operate effectively. For many organizations, this information is locked up in siloed applications or in the minds of key employees. But, more and more, there is a growing awareness of the need to release this information to those who can best make use of it. We like to call this, Business Intelligence (BI).

Of course, BI is by no means new to the business community. I work with many IT professionals who have been “doing BI” for over a decade. However, there seems to be an increased urgency across all lines of business suggesting that the long cold Winter of disconnected data is over and the Spring of Business Intelligence is finally here. Perhaps your company has already embraced this paradigm shift, adopting standard dimensions for Master Data and developing performance metrics to gauge customer value and operational efficiency. I know that for many of our customers from industries as diverse as the Devereux Foundation, Royal Bank of Scotland and Teva Pharmaceuticals, Business Intelligence has become an integral part of the corporate culture of “managing by fact”. For those companies still new to BI, the prospect of sifting through years of stove pipe development may seem daunting at first (because it is) but one of the benefits of BI is that organizations can implement one subject area at a time, gaining real business value and momentum with each new BI application.

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