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Oracle CRM On Demand Release 19 Readiness Series – Analytics Enhancements

Posted by Stephen Frizzola

Aug 19, 2011 2:03:43 PM

The fifth installment in BizTech's Oracle CRM On Demand Release 19 Readiness Series provides an overview of the reporting and analytics enhancements.

CRM On Demand includes a fully interactive analytics solution that lets you gain deep insight into your business. By combining real-time and historical reports (pre-built and ad-hoc) as well as customizable dashboards, CRM On Demand is the only CRM solution that includes a data warehouse that delivers actionable insight at the speed of business.

Release 19 of CRM On Demand expands the Usage Tracking functionality delivered in Release 18 to give you information you can use to analyze the performance of your CRM On Demand application, including page views and Analytics reports and dashboards. This additional capability allows you to monitor how many times a given page has been viewed and the average response time for displaying that page. Similarly, the performance usage for Analytics shows you how many times a given report or dashboard was run and the average response time for executing that report.

The Usage Tracking Analysis subject area in CRM On Demand Answers was expanded to include new performance tracking metrics and dimensions. In addition, two new prebuilt reports, Top 10 Page Views and Analytics Performance, were added to the existing Usage Tracking section of the Reports Homepage (see images at bottom of post).

Also in Release 19 is the much anticipated addition of the Opportunity Team subject area which allows you to report on Opportunity and team members. This capability allows you to better manage your teams as well as to evaluate each team member’s performance.

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