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Oracle CRM On Demand Release 19 Readiness Series – Usability Enhancements

Posted by Stephen Frizzola

Jul 18, 2011 10:29:49 PM

The third installment in BizTech's Oracle CRM On Demand Release 19 Readiness Series provides an overview of some of the usability enhancements for Oracle CRM On Demand. At BizTech we measure success by the success of our clients, and a critical component in achieving that is user adoption. The Oracle CRM On Demand Product team continually focuses on improving usability in order to facilitate increased user adoption and greater user productivity.

  • Ability to Hide and Show the Action Bar - The Action bar can be hidden to increase real estate on your screen. The Action bar will remain hidden for the length of your session or until you choose to show it again.
  • Ability to Count Records in a List –A new menu option called Record Count is displayed on the list page for all record types. This option lets you count records in a list up to 1000 records. If there are over 1000 records in the list, this will be noted in a message to the user.
  • Opportunity Hierarchy - The new opportunity hierarchy functionality allows you to relate one or more child opportunities to a parent opportunity. This can be used for multiple components of a larger deal, multiple teams working on different aspects of an opportunity, multiple opportunities over time and so forth.
  • Warning Messages During Advanced Search Configuration - Whenever you specify advanced search criteria, the application will guide you with warning messages so you can configure search criteria using optimizations built into the application. This will help maximize your search performance.
  • First, Next, Previous, and Last List Page Navigation - You can navigate directly to the first, next, previous or last page in a list with easy-to-use video-like controls for list navigation. These navigation controls offer more flexibility in list navigation and allow you to work with records more easily.
  • In-Place List Refresh - In-place list refresh improves the performance of navigating through list pages by only updating the list section instead of updating the whole application page.
  • Enhanced Targeted Search - Release 19 allows you to prefix your search criteria with an equal to (=) operator to search for an exact match. The equal to operator can be prefixed in fields with all simple data types except picklist fields and fields with the PHONE data type. If the equal to operator is not specified, the Targeted Search criteria are always appended with a wildcard that results in a wider than necessary search when you are looking for exact matches.

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