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Oracle CRM On Demand Release 19 Readiness Series – CRM Desktop

Posted by Stephen Frizzola

Jun 22, 2011 5:22:10 PM

The first installment in our Oracle CRM On Demand Release 19 Readiness Series begins with an overview of an exciting new complementary product called CRM Desktop. CRM Desktop will allow users of Oracle CRM On Demand to perform all of their daily CRM processes directly in Outlook. The key benefits of this product are to increase user adoption, maximize productivity and minimize user training by providing search, create, update, and delete access to CRM On Demand objects inside of the familiar Outlook interface.

The key product features of CRM Desktop include:

  • Manage CRM data inside Outlook – access to contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, activities
  • Associate Outlook items with CRM On Demand – relate emails, tasks, appointments and contacts to CRM On Demand objects
  • Familiar and Intuitive User Interface
    • Outlook elements extended to include CRM On Demand objects as folders, forms, menus and toolbars
  • Smart features – type ahead filtering and auto-suggest
  • Custom Forms – combine Outlook and CRM data
  • Two way sync - scheduled or user initiated and fine grained filter control
  • Offline Mode - ability to work when disconnected
  • Administration - supports custom objects, custom page layout, and field validations

CRM Desktop updates and improves upon the current PIM Sync, Outlook Email Integration and Offline On Demand add-on applications. Initially CRM Desktop will be on controlled released to single tenant customers with general availability to follow. CRM Desktop is a separately licensed product. The existing add-on applications will continue to be available and included in the subscription price.

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