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Oracle Sales Cloud with Sales Campaigns

Posted by David Emr

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Mar 28, 2014 10:27:00 AM

Oracle Sales Cloud with Sales Campaigns

Imagine sales reps if you could send email blasts and manage responses right from your CRM? No more waiting on Marketing. Simply select your contacts, customize messages where necessary, and send!

Sales reps can now send personalized emails to their contact database. A "1 to 1" experience reaching an entire territory with a few clicks.

Worked example - Coordinated Marketing and Sales:

Blast: Marketing department runs a targeted communication plan to promote a new product launch. Eloqua automatically routes interested parties to the appropriate solution expert.

Touch: For those customers that do not respond to the initial communication, a personalized email is sent from the sales rep using Sales Campaigns. Don't worry, sales reps are only using content and template approved by marketing.

Convert: Sales reps manage the responses from their contacts. In other words, sales is enabled to see and act on their customers' responses. This process can be enhanced by using automated tasks and notifications.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use guided process for setting up the sales campaigns
  • Contacts can be selected from multiple sources if necessary
  • Contacts can be filtered and removed
  • Repects "Do not email"
  • Leverages marketing content templates
  • Easy to customize the contet of the email
  • Have visibility into the customer click throughs
  • Ability to easily personalize emails for specific contacts
  • Schedule delivery and reminders
  • Automated notifications on key customer repsonses
  • Interactive dashboard to understand customer responses
  • Generate follow-up campaigns for select responders
  • Include additional contacts in the follow-up campaigns

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