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Oracle CRM On Demand Release 24 goes Social

Posted by David Emr

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Nov 1, 2013 2:30:00 PM

This post covers the highlights for Oracle CRM on Demand Release 24.

Something I am really excited about is the new connection between social networks and CRM OD Service tickets. This feature keeps your customer experience reps in the loop as issues develop in the blogosphere and enables prompt action. And of course all the interactions are trackable and reportable within CRM Analytics.

Another great addition is Android support for Connected Mobile Sales. Let us know if you would like to see either of these in action.

The highlights in Oracle CRM On Demand Release 24 include:

• As part of Oracle CRM On Demand's Simpler UI strategy, designed to provide a more modern, intuitive and flexible user interface, a new JavaScript API framework has been built that allows for the creation of custom buttons and control over existing buttons, and ultimately could permit control over many different elements of the user interface, including embedded graphics, color-coding and custom tool tips.
• Analytics has been improved with more subject area coverage and a new set of privileges that provide fine, granular control over role-based access to different report folders.
• A driving use case from our customers, mobile availability is continuously being enhanced with Connected Mobile Sales offering Android device support and Single Sign-On and the first phase of a dedicated RESTful Mobile API that will permit customers and partners to build custom mobile applications leveraging the broader Oracle product portfolio.
• Further streamlining the mobile sales process, Disconnected Mobile Sales has added Structured Product Messaging to record brand specific call objectives; enhancements in HTML5 eDetailing including message response tracking; and improvements in administration and configuration such as more field management options for read-only fields, role management and enhanced logging.
• The first phase of embedded integration with the Oracle Social Relationship Management suite included the ability to create a Service Request from a social post; continued additions will include pre-built ties to Oracle Social Network and Oracle Social Marketing.
• Configuration and Extensibility improvements in Web Services, Workflow and Custom Objects give customers the ability to adapt Oracle CRM On Demand to their unique business needs.

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