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What is Oracle Database 12c?

Posted by Kyle Snyder

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Oct 10, 2013 10:51:49 AM

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz regarding Oracle’s newest database, Oracle Database 12c. If the hype has led you to question how 12c differs from past database creations, this post is for you. I’ve sourced the latest information to give you an insider view on Oracle’s market-leading database management system and its new, distinctive features.

What’s the difference between Oracle 12c and past Oracle databases?

Oracle Database 12c is a new platform or foundation for cloud applications. Hence the “c” in the Oracle Database 12c name. Functioning as a “container database” Oracle Database 12c houses many independent databases, also known as “pluggable” databases. Pluggable databases maintain their own independent operating characteristics such as; personalized security mechanisms, schema and metadata, while sharing centralized processes and hardware resources.

The “container” to “pluggable” database relationship is most commonly known as multi-tenancy. Oracle Database 12c’s multi-tenancy functionality makes it easy for companies to consolidate hundreds or even thousands of databases into the cloud. Database consolidation is critical because as many of us know all too often production database servers have a large portion of unused CPU cycles which drives up the cost of infrastructure and operational expenses. By consolidating many databases into fewer database servers, both the hardware and operational staff can be more effectively utilized. Multi-tenancy is optimal for database upgrades, backups and recovery, since all three processes can be performed across the cloud via container database rather than by one database at a time.

What are the new technical and functional improvements?

According to Tom Kyte, Vice President of Oracle, Oracle Database 12c literally has hundreds of new improvements and over 500 new features which help to bring new levels of efficiency, scalability, and security to Oracle’s market-leading database management system. A few of the most notable improvements include: database consolidation, query optimization, performance tuning, high availability, partitioning, backup and recovery. Many tech industry leaders are also particularly excited about Oracle database 12c’s intelligent data types and optimized data structures that allow for intelligent management and support deep analytics of big data.

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