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New Features in Oracle Hyperion Planning

Posted by Stephen Goldsmith

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Sep 4, 2013 3:43:00 PM

Released in the Spring of 2013, the latest release of Hyperion Planning has numerous new features to allow for an enhanced user experience with a more simplistic feel. We can now say after Hyperion Planning has been out on the market for a few months that these enhancements are real and they’re spectacular!

Planning takes full advantage of most planning users comfort with Microsoft Excel and allows them to take make changes to forms or dimensions in Excel that can be instantly updated into the application itself. Highlights of Hyperion Planning include:

· Support for ASO databases in Planning applications. Starting with the release, Planning customers having a full use Essbase license can now have plan types which use aggregate storage databases.

o This means users can write back to the ASO database and set up forms against an ASO database. Aggregate storage can offer significant performance improvements for those plan types that are have large dimensionality and large volumes of data where all data is loaded at level 0 and upper levels are aggregations of the lower levels.

o These ASO cubes can be displayed on Planning composite forms with Essbase BSO cubes just like current BSO cubes in multiple plan types can be combined on a single composite form.

· Ability for end users to create dimension members “on the fly.” (For Workforce Planning, Capital Asset Planning, Project Financial Planning and Public Sector Budgeting customers.) You can create members on the fly if they don't exist when business rules need them. This may only work in modules and not custom plan types.

o The Planning administrator determines the number of dimension members and the parent containing the new members. The number of dimension members should be based on how many members will be added between database refreshes to eliminate the need for additional refreshes.

o The administrator runs the regularly scheduled database refresh to add placeholders for the members in Essbase. Although the placeholders are in Essbase, they do not appear in Planning until a user decides to add a new member. A user having access to the dimension as defined by Planning security will add a new member and can now enter data for the new member.

o The administrator runs the regularly scheduled database refresh. The placeholder designation in Essbase will now be changed to the member name defined by the Planning user.

· Create Rolling Forecasts in minutes. An out of the box feature, this new enhancement allows for easier creation of rolling forecasts for 12, 24 or even 48 months quickly and easily. Simple Planning forms utilize substitution variables for periods, allowing updated actual of budget data to be imported automatically into the forecast, giving users a realistic view of the business for whatever time frame they wish.

· Outline Load Utility implemented in the Web interface. Allows metadata to be imported into or exported out of the Planning application as needed based on your metadata (new accounts, locations, other dimensions, etc.) This feature also includes a Comments import and export feature, the ability to export Planning data to a relational data source, and a user interface to perform import and export operations without using the dreaded “command” function.

· Enhanced Plan Type Editor. This lets administrators add and delete plan types to already existing applications. Previously, this required going back to the initial creation step or hacking the underlying tables. The Plan Type Editor can be used to add ASO data to an existing Planning application.

· Ability to Access to Planning metadata in Smart View. A Hyperion Planning Admin Extension for Smart View allows Planning administrators to update metadata in Smart View. The advantage of using Smart View is that member properties can be changed for multiple members simultaneously as opposed to one member at a time on the Planning web.

o It is a fairly simple process to add members. You can login to the Planning Application and once you install Add-in for Planning Administration, you'll see a new member under the application tree "Dimensions". Double click on a dimension, so that it creates an ad-hoc sheet.

o For example, if 10 members needed to have the consolidation property changed from (+) to (~), the properties can be changed at the same time using Smart View instead of accessing each member individually and changing the property.

o The Hyperion Planning Admin Extension for Smart View can also be used for other metadata changes such as moving members and designating members as shared. Administrative functions such as creating and refreshing databases are also available through the Hyperion Planning Admin Extension.

· Dynamic Modeling. End users can created unlimited scenarios and version and Predictive or what if planning can be based on archive data

· Enhanced Task Lists and End User Preferences. Task Owners can review task status using interactive dashboards, Create tasks to copy versions and review job status. Alias Override allows users to override alias displays for all areas of the application, Store Images, Set grid scroll preference, etc.

· Planning Cloud Service. Service to be released later this year, and will be based on Planning Lower you capital expenditures, increase you ROI and control your cash outflows. Finally, Planning users will be able to enjoy like in the Cloud!

Only Hyperion Planning captures all these critical user-friendly enhancements in a successful budgeting and forecasting solution. It enhances forecasting capabilities, simplifies data input & use, provides robust data integration, and establishes a framework for flexible, rules-based modeling.

BizTech enables organizations to embrace the power of Hyperion Planning. Our experienced consultants help companies achieve improved budgeting and forecasting techniques often in less than 45 business days! With BizTech and Hyperion, organizations spend less time emailing and consolidating budgeting spreadsheets and more time developing plans to ensure financial success.

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