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Setting up iBots in OBIEE 11 g

Posted by Stephen Goldsmith

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Oct 3, 2012 3:28:00 PM

This post explains how to setup ibots in OBIEE 11g. In this case, the ibot setup was done by the weblogic OBIEE administrator. ibots are received by the end user and the end user login is integrated to OBIEE 11g from EBS. The limitation on this setup is that the end user can’t create iBots and send it to another user. Only weblogic administrator can login to OBIEE directly and create the ibots.

1. Setup the SMTP settings on OBIEE enterprise manager

  • Log in to enterprise manager.
  • Under Business Intelligence click core application
  • Then click on Deployment sub tab and mail as shown below

  • Set up SMTP server properly.
  • Restart the server.

2. Login as USER in EBS and check the integration of OBIEE 11g

  • Login to EBS as regular BI end user. You will see OBIEE on the bottom of the screen because your login has been integrated with OBIEE. Your user has privileges to login to OBIEE. You are using ORABI user in this case.
  • Click on OBIEE Dashboards.

3. Setup the delivery option for End User

  • Click on My Account.
  • Click on delivery option. You can have different options. Like Email,phone,pager,handheld,Other as shown below.

  • Create Device.
  • Add Delivery Profiles and Close the Browser.

4. Login as weblogic user and setup ibots

  • Log in directly to OBIEE using Administrator privileges.
  • Click New and Agent on BI dashboard.
  • Please Configure agent the way you want it. Use different sub tab shown below. One test Agent is shown in below screenshots. In the Recipients tab you need to add user that we configured above as EBS user Delivery Device. i.e. ORABI.
  • Save it and Test it.

  • Check the user email.

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