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Posted by Stephen Goldsmith

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Oct 26, 2012 1:50:00 PM

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is defined as a management field of Business Performance Management which considers the visibility of operations in a closed-loop model across all facets of the enterprise. There are several emerging domains in the EPM field which are being driven by corporate initiatives, academic research, and commercial approaches including: Strategy Formulation, Business Planning and Forecasting, Financial Management, and Supply Chain Effectiveness.

How can Oracle be used to assist with the growing demand for improved EPM?

Oracle's EPM applications support strategic planning and goal setting, financial and operational planning, the end-to-end financial close and reporting process, and profitability management in a comprehensive and fully integrated suite. Applications that can deliver greater speed and agility, grouped under the general category of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), are themselves more agile than ever before. Oracle’s EPM offerings, for example, can typically be managed by the finance organization with little support from IT, and with no requirement for increased headcount. Plan and forecast with greater precision using Oracle's business planning solutions that align finance and operations. Accelerate your financial close and reporting process while providing greater transparency and confidence in your numbers.

What do Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications include?

Oracle EPM solutions include STRATEGY MANAGEMENT (which includes Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management), FINANCIAL CLOSE & REPORTING (which includes Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Hyperion Data Quality Management, Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management, and Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management), and PLANNING, BUDGETING & FORECASTING (which includes Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Workforce Planning and Oracle Capital Asset Planning ). All can be implemented on a standalone basis or in conjunction with other EPM applications depending on the needs of your company.

What advantages do Oracle EPM products offer?

Oracle EPM products offer a comprehensive, integrated suite of applications including:

  • Common Web and MS Office interfaces, common reporting tools, mobile information delivery, and common administration;
  • Market-leading extended financial close and enterprise planning applications; Unique and powerful strategic and predictive modeling capabilities;
  • Best-in-class in-memory analytics software, and hardware to deliver planning at the speed of business and improved analytic insight;
  • Data and metadata integration with Oracle and non-Oracle transactional systems, including drill-through capabilities and advanced enterprise dimension management;
  • A complete, open, and integrated Enterprise Performance Management System that unifies performance management, business intelligence, and advanced analytics on a common foundation.

Why partner with BizTech for your Oracle Hyperion EPM Implementation?

BizTech has significant experience helping organizations utilize their EPM systems to achieve maximum efficiency and minimize costs and risk. Most consulting firms propose lengthy implementation schedules of six months up to a year or more. In contrast, BizTech offers fixed-price, rapid-time implementations and uses technologies to deliver services quickly, conveniently, and at a lower cost.

Specifically, our consultants specialize in:

•Utilizing years of consulting and industry experience to develop an EPM programs custom defined for each of our clients.

•Uncovering and prioritizing EPM requirements based on proven industry best practices

•Designing a project plan and RapidApp implementation schedule to works with their clients to maximize the effort and minimize the timing and risk of EPM implementations.

•Training an organization to understand and maximize the value of their EPM platform

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

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