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Four CSV files for OBIA Financial Analytics

Posted by Stephen Goldsmith

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Oct 22, 2012 11:42:00 AM

Group Accounts ranges varies from client to client and that is the reason why the user is given the ability to enter their input defining the group accounts for accounting purpose in OBIA.

But there is a standard anyone has to follow for defining the group accounts. There are three csv’s that help you define the group accounts and those group accounts fall into either Balance Sheet or P&L:

  1. In the first csv ‘file_group_acct_codes_ora.csv’ we define the ranges(from account and to account) of group account num(short form for group_account_name)

Note: The group account num should be one of a value from second csv file as the logical column in the OBIEE rpd are defaulted to these values.

  1. In the second csv ‘file_group_acct_names.csv’ the group account num is mapped to a group account name
  2. In the third csv ‘file_grpact_fstmt.csv’ file you would bucket up the group accounts whether they fall into Balance Sheet or P&L

The csv’s look as follows. These csv’s are used as flat file sources to build account dimension table or to consider group accounts in fact tables by Informatica mappings.





Customizing the Group Account mapping for multi segemnt accounting:

In order to support multi segment accounts we have to customize the first csv accordingly. As usual we have to give the range of group accounts and then have the range of segments the group account fall into.

In case if you have your company in segment1 column in gl_code_combinations table in EBS and cost center in segment2 column. And you have one account falling into two cost center’s then you should fisrt specify the account ranges and then specify the segment ranges those accounts fall into by adding the segment range columns in the csv file.


As the number of column changes in your flat file source we have to change the mappings which are extracting data from this source according.

The mapping that need to be changed are

- mplt_SA_ORA_GLAccountDimension

- SDE_ORA_Stage_GroupAccountNumberDimension

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