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Resetting Lost Oracle WebLogic Password for Fusion Middleware Applications

Posted by Raj Ravikumar

May 10, 2012 11:51:59 AM

When Fusion Middleware Applications are installed there is a default user (weblogic or a specific name that you provide) that is created during the domain creation which acts as a super user for all Middleware Applications. This post walks through the process of resetting the weblogic password in an event that it’s lost.

  1. Shutdown Weblogic Server and all associated applications.
  2. Set the Weblogic Server environment variables –
  3. Navigate to $DOMAIN_HOME/security and rename the DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift file.
  4. Create an initialization file in the same directory using the below command –
    java <weblogic_user_name> <weblogic_password> .
  5. This will create a new DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift file.
  6. Navigate to $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer and rename the data directory.
  7. Repeat step 6 for all the managed servers which are part of the domain.
  8. If is used, recreate them with the username and password that was provided in Step 4.
  9. Start Admin Server and make sure you can login using the new credentials.
  10. Start the rest of the services

Note: This process will remove all the user accounts in the weblogic domain and only the new user that is created will be present and act as a super user.

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