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Fusion CRM – Gain Visibility

Posted by David Emr

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May 10, 2012 6:22:24 PM

Fusion CRM was built on a foundation that facilitates instant visibility across platforms. Where many solutions include mobility and extensibility as an afterthought, Fusion CRM was designed with the mobile sales professional in mind. This approach manifests itself in the following areas:

  • Mobile Options - Fusion CRM will be accessible from the iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry (Android is on the roadmap). Sales professionals will be able to review and update their opportunities, follow-up on leads, and create appointments while on the go.
  • Microsoft Outlook - Fusion CRM is tightly integrated with the way many sales professionals work. From within Outlook, a sales professional can look up accounts, opportunities, and leads while creating emails and appointments linked to the same.
  • Real Time Forecasting and Visibility - As the data is entered into Fusion CRM it immediately gets repackaged and presented back to the sales professional in easy to read dashboards and reports.

iPhone and Fusion CRM

Fusion CRM and Outlook Integration

Fusion CRM Embedded Analytics

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