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R12.2 Financials - New Functionality Added for Financials

Posted by Lee Briggs

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Aug 23, 2011 11:22:01 AM

Although yet to be confirmed, Oracle is expected to release version R12.2 of it’s eBusiness Suite in October 2011. BizTech has analyzed the following modules, and has determined that significant functionality is expected to be added in R12.2. Some of the more significant functionality has been backported to older releases, and where appropriate, BizTech has identified the necessary patches.

Oracle Financials Common Modules

Scheduling of AP/AR Netting Batches

Users can now schedule the AP/AR Netting program to process transactions at regular intervals. This allows automatic creation and settlement of netting batches containing payables and receivables transactions.

General Ledger

E-Business Suite General Ledger Integration with the Fusion Accounting Hub

E-Business Suite (EBS) General Ledger integration with the Fusion Accounting Hub allows users to take advantage of new Fusion General Ledger capabilities, such as embedded Essbase integration with real-time analytics.

Using the Fusion General Ledger for financial reporting has several advantages:

  • Generate boardroom ready financial statements
  • Analyze variances with exception-based online account monitoring
  • Online slice-and-dice account analysis.

This integration includes a program that creates and transfers Fusion journals to record EBS period balances, and the ability to drill-down from Fusion to EBS. When balances are transferred, it is possible to apply mappings to update EBS General Ledger period and/or the account values.

Data Relationship Management (DRM) Integration with E-Business Suite

The Data Relationship Management (DRM) Integration with E-Business Suite synchronizes each E-Business Suite instance with Hyperion DRM. Hyperion DRM's master data management solution can store chart of accounts values and child-parent relationships in a single application, regardless of the number of E-Business Suite instances or other general ledger applications used.

Oracle Payments

Payment Acknowledgement Import

Oracle Payments now has the ability to import payment acknowledgement reports containing payment status for bank received payment files.

Users can:

  • Map bank acknowledgment codes with the system defined acknowledgment codes
  • Import acknowledgment data
  • Import multiple acknowledgments per payment
  • Review acknowledgment details including bank reported errors and status.

Public Service Financials International

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS): Exclusion of Out of Scope Contract Invoices in Monthly Returns Reporting

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Monthly Returns Reporting now excludes out of scope contract invoices. If the withholding tax field on all the distribution of a CIS Supplier invoice is null, then the invoice is deemed out of scope and is now excluded from the monthly returns reporting.

This update has also been back-ported to the following release:

Release Patch Number
12.1.x 9000000:R12.IGI.B

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