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LDAP Administration and Writeback Table Authorization

Posted by Stephen Goldsmith

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Jul 22, 2011 2:42:49 PM

This entry will discuss how to utilize OBIEE 10g capabilities to authorize and authenticate your users. Authentication will be administered by an external LDAP solution, while authorization will be controlled in the datawarehouse and administered using writeback capability.

This blog entry is a PDF download and includes the information listed below:

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Step 1:Set up your LDAP server.
Step 2: Set up your username


Step 1: Table structures
Step 2: Import Tables into BI Admin.
Step 3: Creating the custom Message
Step 4: Create the writeback report
Step 5: Clean up table
Using the Write Back Report

AUTHORIZATION: Setting the Group for each user
Step 1: Create the Session Variable
Step 2: Create the Data Source
Step 3: Edit the Target Data
Step 4: Execution Preference


Blog Author: Brian Makarewicz

Topics: Oracle Business Intelligence