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Oracle EBS ATG Seed Data Comparison Report

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Jun 30, 2011 3:49:17 PM

Oracle finally released a reporting tool that reports on the differences in E-Business Suite database objects between one release and another. That's a very useful reference to Tech users to understand EBS dictionary at a module level, but EBS defaults are delivered as seed data within the database objects themselves. What about the differences in this seed data between one release and another?

Oracle announces the availability of a new tool that provides comparison reports of E-Business Suite seed data between EBS, 12.0.4, 12.0.6, 12.1.1, and 12.1.3. This new tool complements the information in the data model comparison tool.

The EBS ATG Seed Data Comparison Report shows EBS ATG Seed data Entity changes between two EBS Releases. This report can assist advanced users with reviewing changes prior to an upgrade.

This comparison report is available for the following combinations of EBS releases: with 11i.AD.I.4 & 11i.ATG_PF.H.Delta.4) vs. 12.1.3

12.0.4 vs. 12.1.3

12.0.6 vs. 12.1.3

12.1.1 vs. 12.1.3

Installing EBS ATG Seed Data Comparison Report

Download “”

Unzip and extract the
The folder "EBS_ATG_Seed_Data_Comparison_Report" will be created after unzipping the file
Open/Navigate to the folder 'EBS_ATG_Seed_Data_Comparison_Report'
Open file 'EBS_ATG_Seed_Data_Comparison_Report.html' in browser.
Do not rename the sub-folder 'Data' and its content (else it will break the report)

How to View this Report

The Report is divided into multiple re-sizable frames:

Top Horizontal frame - Allows Selection of a Product Family.

Left Vertical frame - Is for 'Summary Statistics of Differences' for the selected Product Family Shortnames

Right Vertical frame - Shows the 'Detail Statistics of Differences' based on the Product Shortname selected.

Top Right Horizontal frame - Shows the navigation path (breadcrumbs) based upon your selections in a special frame, which can also be used to navigate back to previous selections (instead of using the Browser back button).
Sample Report

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